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The 90th Anniversary of Nutrilite

Believe it or not, next year marks the 90th anniversary of Nutrilite. Many amazing things are in the works to celebrate this important milestone.

For starters, something I’m truly excited about is the upcoming release of The Nutrilite Story, 3rd Edition. The updated version of the book will not only to tell the ongoing story of the Nutrilite brand, but its release will also coincide with the 90th anniversary.

The book tells the story of my father, Carl Rehnborg, and how his insatiable curiosity and dogged determination created Nutrilite. It also shares how my personal journey from childhood up to the present has helped Amway and Nutrilite become what it is today. You’ll be able to get a copy of the book early next year.

That’s not all we have been busy with lately. To help people better understand the Nutrilite story and how my personal life has been so intertwined with health and wellness, I spent several days in a production studio capturing my impressions about the past, present and future.

Here’s a teaser video we put together to give you a taste of the content you will soon be able to see.

There’s even more. During the last two weeks in October, I will be touring Asia – stopping in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan – to begin celebrating the 90th anniversary of the brand and all the amazing things happening with Amway and Nutrilite.

So make sure you stay tuned to my blog for updates about my trip.

I’ll talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “The 90th Anniversary of Nutrilite”

  1. 感謝您!讓我們有幸學習到紐崔萊的極致健康理念,很榮幸可以看到全程追溯的有機農耕,更幸福的吃到紐崔萊種植的植物、生產出來的全植物營養素,還提供我們安麗事業創業機會!您秉承卡爾仁博的精神,回饋中國,致力於漢方本草的研究,為人類提供中草藥養生的解決方案,讓我佩服得五體投地!您讓我們可以接愛、傳愛,用生命影響生命,創建大健康產業!感謝您!

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