Sustainable Farming Across Generations

Darwin and Phil Hintz pose in a field of alfalfa on harvest day. On the same day, the plant material is sent directly to the Nutrilite Botanical Concentrate Manufacturing facility in Quincy, Washington for fresh juicing and post-harvest processing for use in Nutrilite™ brand products. Using high-tech farming innovation, these experts ensure the organic plants grown for Nutrilite products are consistently high quality, yet cost competitive. Trout Lake Farm East, Ephrata, Wash, 2019.

When the corporate office called, Darwin Hintz and his bride of three days were preparing for their honeymoon. Darwin is the Technology Manager for Trout Lake Farm and Nutrilite Global Agribusiness Operations. There was a need in Wuxi, China, for him to share and implement his expertise to bring the soil back to life. Could he go?

Without hesitation, he (and she) said yes. The honeymoon could wait, they decided.

Be both a teacher and a student 

Darwin and his brother Phil, who manages our Trout Lake East Farm in Ephrata, Washington, have strong roots in the farming industry, including a family tradition for collaborating across continents. When they were growing up, it was typical for the family to host international students for 2 to 3 years at a time so their father could teach them agricultural principles. The influx of students happened so often that the kids just thought everybody did it. In reality, it was something quite special.

Looking back, Darwin sees the real power in his father’s global vision of farming. His motto: If we are to change the world, we must come together and learn from each other. We must be the teacher sometimes and the student at other times. I couldn’t agree more.

Darwin Hintz joins me for this photo beside a statue of my father, Carl F. Rehnborg. In the background, a snow-capped Mount Adams and a field of flowering Echinacea add to the splendor of the day. Trout Lake Farm, Wash., July 2017.

A familiar story

I love listening to Darwin and Phil talk about their father. I imagine that, in another life, he and my father would have been fast friends, each with a lifelong passion for organic farming. Both eager to learn yet one more thing that could move us closer to a sustainable future.

To me, it’s the kind of mindset that can help save the planet. Reinvent. Innovate. Never rest on your laurels and, at every turn, collaborate and share your ideas with others.

It’s never too late to change the world

Darwin’s father passed away in 2018 from Parkinson’s disease at 84. Although his body was no longer strong, his mind was sharp as a tack. Even from his hospital bed, Darwin’s father was still contributing and inventing farming equipment. Darwin was shocked and asked his father how he was able to come up with all these new ideas late in life. His dad responded, “I have an advantage over you.” When Darwin pressed him further he said, “Son, I am blessed. Now I have time to think.” 

“Dad would always challenge us with one important question,” says Darwin. “How can you change the world?”

Making a global impact

Darwin and Phil are certainly following in their father’s footstep, teaching, giving back and thinking beyond themselves. 

“Field workers, ABOs, trainers and executives alike can all benefit when they better understand our farming technology,” says Darwin, “especially how it sets global standards and supports the uniqueness of the Nutrilite brand.” 

I think Darwin says it best: “If you ever need a reason to believe in the Nutrilite brand, it’s our farms.”

I’ve asked Darwin to help me share more about Nutrilite Farming Practices in China and beyond. Why?  So you can feel even more confident about the plants found in Nutrilite™ brand products. 

Without hesitation, he said yes. Stay tuned.


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P.S. Darwin and Gena finally took their honeymoon. While it was delayed by 18 months, it was well worth the wait, says Darwin. They spent it in China where he says they fell in love with the country, the sites and especially the people.

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  1. Dear Dr. Sam, Thank you for showcasing Darwin (Gena) and Phil. They work hard to make a difference every day and showcases their dedication to a culture of quality (& LOVE) that goes into our Nutrilite products every day.

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