Double X Photo Albums

Album 1: Nutrilite Farewell Tour & Open House
(October – November 2015)



Album 2: Pre-launch Activities & Sailing Trials
(April – July 2016)

Album 3: Open House (Sausalito)
(July 2016)
20160714_1 Open House_small



Album 4: Launch Day
(July 16, 2016)
Dr. Sam clutches a line, while Captain Bob steers. All Double X crewmembers are up on deck. A helicopter flys above to catch this image. It is a definite day to remember and the first day on their journey to the South Pacific. July 16, 2016. Photo credit: Chris Woods.



Album 5: The Crossing
(July 16 – August 4, 2016)
Let the adventure begin! So happy to be aboard the Double X. Here’s to smooth sailing! San Francisco Bay, July 16, 2016. Photo: R. Rehnborg



Album 6: The Marquesas Islands
(August 2016)
Our first landing spot and temporary home in the Marquesas Islands after leaving San Francisco. Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva, August 11, 2016. Photo: Z. Hanna

Album 7: Tuamotu Islands
(August-September 2016)
Our first anchorage in Fakarava, the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls. Sparkling and pristine waters abound in this nature preserve for many rare species of plants, birds and crustaceans. Photo: F. Rehnborg

Album 8: Society Islands (Bora Bora & Tahaa)
(September- October 2016)
Palm fronds blow in the wind as the distinctive rock formations of Bora Bora stand steady in the background. September 2016. Photo: F. Rehnborg



Album 9: Society Islands (Raiatea)
(October 2016)
Standing on the deck of the Double X, John and I are determined to catch a fish in Raiatea. October 2016. Photo: F. Rehnborg



Album 10: Society Islands (Moorea & Tahiti)
(October 2016)

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