Double X Photo Album 10

Society Islands (Moorea and Tahiti)

(October 2016)

  • Double X entering Moorea. Our arrival signals that the end of our sailing trip is near. What an adventure it has been. French Polynesia. October 2016. Photo: F. Rehnborg.
  • As the brochure proclaims, “The Teahupo’o wave is sudden, fast and powerful,” one of the most dangerous waves in the world. Tahiti, French Polynesia. October 2016. Photo: F. Rehnborg
  • Here I am ready to take on the waves at world famous Teahupo’o Beach. (Not really, I think I’ll pass on these!) Tahiti. October 2016. Photo: F. Rehnborg
  • A local sign shows the invasive brown algae (Turbinaria ornata) growing on weakened coral that eventually break off and float to the surface forming a sea of brown pods. This was a common sight throughout our trip. Tahiti, French Polynesia. October 2015.
  • Under the shade of a lanai, overlooking the water’s edge and open to the South Sea breezes, I settle in to write a few notes and watch the boats in the distance. The beautiful view inspired much reflection. Moorea, Society Islands. October 2016. Photo: F. Rehnborg
  • Francesca and I enjoy our last dinner on the islands before flying home. It has been so gratifying to help bring awareness to the environmental challenges faced by the islands. Moorea, French Polynesia, October 2016.

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