Double X Videos

The Double X is about to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge on her way to the South Pacific. It was a day full of anticipation and one that marked a dream come true. San Francisco, Calif., July 16, 2016. Photo: C. WoodsHere you will find video highlights of  our travels, starting with our amazing departure, complete with aerial footage.

Director Chris Woods and his team at Traveling Picture Show Company took to the skies by helicopter to capture us as we sailed the Double X out of San Francisco Bay on June 16, 2016, on our way to the South Seas.

The Nutrilite 80th Anniversary Color Your Story World Tour was an invigorating two years. Francesca and I traveled to over 30 countries to share the message of optimal health and witnessed overwhelming excitement and passion for healthy living. What a sight to behold!

Zack and Paul took this video during our tour of the back country. The beauty of the land is so spectacular that when people arrive they often proclaim, “Wow, this is paradise lost!” I have to agree.

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