Firebird Photo Album 7

Homeward Bound
(Caribbean Islands, Panama, Costa Rica & USA)

January 1978 – July 1, 1978)

  • A pelican makes itself comfortable onboard the Firebird. It stayed for two days while we were at Grand Cayman Island (off the coast of Cuba), April 1978.
  • Having a grand old time in Grand Cayman. April 1978.
  • Arriving at the Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal, Panama, May 1978.
  • Under cloudy skies, the Firebird makes her way through calm waters. Panama Canal, May 1978.
  • A nearby submarine passes us as we sail into San Diego, Calif., USA, June 1978.
  • A view of the immigration dock at Shelter Island as we arrive near the end of our three year journey. San Diego, Calif., USA, June 28, 1978.

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