Witness the Power of Nature

Dr. Sam Rehnborg inspects an Echinacea crop that thrives under sustainable farming practices and a microclimate of rich, organic soil, clean air and sunny days. Trout Lake West, WA; 2013.

The Nutrilite philosophy is part of my DNA, and spending a lifetime sharing it has been one of my greatest joys. In the coming months, I’ll be focusing on stories that shine a spotlight on the action behind the Nutrilite label as well as lessons learned from my life adventures. My goal remains the same. I want to help you be your best self. After all, that’s what the Nutrilite brand is all about.

The natural power of the Nutrilite brand begins at our farms. If you can, I recommend you plan a visit. While you’re there, you can squeeze the alfalfa, smell the freshly cut mint, see what is growing in the experimental plots and greenhouses, talk with our experts, and generally immerse yourself in nature.

Tracing seeds to supplements online

If a trip to one of our farms isn’t feasible, don’t worry. You can witness the power of Nutrilite’s nature online with our new Nutrilite Traceability websiteNot only will you learn about the origins of the supplements you eat, but you will be able to witness the detailed nine-step traceability process that all our plant materials undergo—starting from choosing the right botanical seed all the way until the product is delivered to you.

More and more, people are demanding traceability. They want to know where the ingredients in their supplements come from. They want to know that their supplements are pure, safe, and effective. These are important concerns, and the Traceability website addresses them head on. This website is a convenient, one-stop resource that you’re sure to use often.

Traceability is our heritage

I remember my father’s first farm, which he bought in the early 1940s. It was a small farm, just over 3 acres in California’s San Fernando Valley, but to my 6-year-old self, those alfalfa fields were grand. It was an outdoor classroom with vital lessons about the power of nature and the importance of traceability.

Row after row of alfalfa create a majestic scene at our farm in Mexico. Alfalfa, one of our major crops, is found in Nutrilite Double X and other Nutrilite brand products. El Petacal, Mexico, 2018.

As I look back 76 years later, I realize the roots of my lifelong fascination with sustainable farming reach back to that simple farm. I still remember the small sickle my father made just for my young hands so I could help cut the nutrient-rich alfalfa tips. As founder of the Nutrilite brand, my father was meticulous about his natural growing methods and ever vigilant about avoiding chemical pesticides and herbicides. After all, his plants were destined for Nutrilite supplements.

Today, we have nearly 6,000 acres of organic farmland in the United States, Mexico and Brazil as well as numerous farming partners around the world. Much has changed over the decades, including advances in botanical science, discoveries in plant nutrition, and the use of high-tech farming practices. Yet, the one thing that has defined the Nutrilite brand since the beginning has remained the same: its natural plant-based foundation and the ability to trace plants selected for Nutrilite supplements back to the farms where they were grown.

I encourage you to check out our new Traceability website today, and witness the power of nature for yourself.


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  1. I was a nine year old friend of Dr. Sam when he took me to his father’s fields near Hemet, CA., and I thought to myself: “Everything should be like this”.

    1. I remember the Hemet farm, too, but 60 years ago. It was a little paradise, like going on a weekend vacation. Edith loved to sunbathe, so I did, too. Sweet memories!

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