Firebird Photo Album 6

Mediterranean Countries (Greece, Malta, Turkey & Others)

(May 1977 – January 1978)

  • Dick DeVos washing the dock lines. Amway L.O.C.® comes in very useful. Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, January 1978.
  • Sailing by the clock tower in Mandraki harbor. Symi, Greek Islands, May 1977.
  • The Firebird lays majestically among the pastel stucco and red-tiled roofs that hint at the classic Mediterranean architecture of this Greek island. Symi Island, May 1977.
  • In the late 1970s, rent for a nice place to stay onshore costs $5 a day. Symi Island, May 1977.
  • Overlooking boats anchored in the harbor from a hilltop above. Symi Island, Rhodes Regional Unit, May 1977.
  • The crew takes in the sights from on deck as we sail towards the Suez Canal. This 101 mile artificial waterway connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea. May 1977.
  • The crew and friends sit on deck as the Firebird makes its way through the Corinth Canal, September 1977.
  • Island buildings stop just steps short of the water. Mykonos Island, Greece, June, 1977.
  • The Firebird sails toward the rugged, volcanic landscape and steep cliffs of Santorini Island, Greece, August 1977.
  • Looking down at the Firebird anchored off the coast of Kithira, Greece, August 1977.
  • Roman ruins at a remote anchorage along the Turkish coast. September 1977.
  • Surrounded by ancient ruins, the Firebird makes her way to harbor in the Turkish city of Bodrum, August 1977.
  • A Turkish harbor with vessels anchored stern to the wharf. Bodrum, Turkey, August 1977.
  • The small picturesque islet and luxury hotel resort of Aman Sveti Stefan (formerly Sveti Stefan) sits like a jewel on an outcrop of rock. It is joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. During the 1970s it was a popular vacation spot for the global jet set and Hollywood stars. Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia), September 1977.
  • A cobblestone courtyard surrounded by Venetian-inspired architecture, Korcula Island, Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia), September 1977.
  • Dick DeVos with a small mahi mahi. Puerto Rico Rico de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, January 1978.
  • Fishing on the Firebird, and bracing myself under the powerful drag of one of biggest catches of the trip.
  • With head and tail firmly secured by ropes, our big catch, a 400-pound striped marlin, is hoisted out of the water onto the Firebird.
  • As our 400-pound marlin is pulled up the side of the boat, B.C. grabs the bill to keep it steady.
  • Life aboard the Firebird at noon. Captain Bob always on the lookout.
  • There is always much work to be done on board. Tom Harrowby scrubbing the decks.
  • John Lennon’s boat. If you are not always on the look out while on board, this can happen. Canary Islands, Spain. [circa 1977].
  • A good day’s catch destined for the dinner table. Mediterranean, 1977.
  • A beautiful sight. The Firebird under a double rainbow.

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