Firebird Photo Album 1

Baja California & Mexican Coast

(July – November 1975)

  • My first look at the Firebird, the 84-foot ketch that would ultimately take me to 36 countries around the world. Newport Beach, Calif., 1975.
  • My son Rod cautiously holds the hook that reeled in his catch of the day. Off the Southern Californian coast, August 1975.
  • Taking in a tranquil view of the Mexican coast from aboard the Firebird, August 1975.
  • A joyous moment gazing upon a spectacular sunrise off the coast of Mexico, September 1975.
  • The Firebird at sunset in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, September 1975.
  • Looking out over the quaint town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, during simpler times. October, 1975.
  • On a hillside overlooking the town, two young boys are all smiles for the camera, despite the need to squint against the bright Mexican sunshine. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, October 1975.
  • Getting clean with Amway Nature Shower®. Although Amway no longer sells this product, I really liked it because it lathered in salt water. I only showered 2-3 times on the boat (water was a precious commodity), so most cleaning took place while swimming in the water. Yelapa, Mexico, October 1975.
  • Las Hadas Hotel with its water tower spiraling skyward. Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, October 1975.
  • Overlooking the marina. Acapulco, Mexico, 1975.
  • Rod showing off the animal skull he found while exploring. Mexico, 1975.
  • Yours truly, complete with full beard and mustache, and my ever-present sunglasses, a typical look during the trip.
  • Sailing on the Pacific Ocean aboard the Firebird, under the watchful eye of my daughter, Lisa. December 1975.

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