Firebird Journey Map

If you’re curious about our ports and anchorages during our three-year Firebird journey, check out our NOMAD map below showing our sailing course.

Trace the journey

You can trace our journey from beginning to end on the map below, starting at Newport Beach, California (The Firebird Journey Begins). Next, click the right arrow next to the caption below the map to move to the next destination. You can even select any green destination dot for more details about that specific destination.

    Journey Statistics

    If you’re a numbers person, you may be interested in the journey stats:

    • 3 years | Duration
    • 40,120 | Miles Covered
    • 226 | Port & Anchorages
    • 112 | Islands Visited
    • 36 | Countries Visited
    • 15 | Seas Crossed
    • 4 | Oceans Sailed
    • 4 | Straits Visited
    Key Ports & Anchorages

    Of the 226 ports and anchorages we visited, we chose 22 of the most memorable to post to the map so you can see the complete three-year sailing course. Here’s how they break down:

    1Newport Beach, United States
    2Mazatlán, Mexico
    3Acapulco, Mexico
    4Northern Group, French Polynesia
    5Tuamotus Islands, French Polynesia
    6French Polynesia
    7Suva, Fiji
    8New Caledonia
    9Sydney, Australia
    10Queensland, Australia
    11Thursday Island, Australia
    12Bali, Indonesia
    13Seychelles Islands
    14Ismailia, Egypt
    15Rhodes, Greece
    16Porto Cervo, Italy
    17Gibraltar, Gibraltar
    18Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
    19Caribbean islands
    20Cristóbal, Panama
    21Golfito, Costa Rica
    22San Diego, United States


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